Proposed Power Hour could alter homeroom

Teachers and administrators are trying to find time to assimilate homeroom into the proposed Power Hour schedule for next year.

Sophomore class sponsor Gabrielle Powers said that homeroom schedules could change.

“There is no official schedule on how power hour will work next year but to my knowledge, homeroom might be cut to about five or 10 minutes shorter next year during Power Hour,” Powers said. “The reason it would be cut shorter is because that initial hour is set aside to give students more time to contact teachers and to also give the teachers their time for lunch and planning.”

Powers also said cutting the time short would limit homeroom productivity.

“We have a lot to get through in homeroom, and there’s just not time,” Powers said. “Some of the things, such as Brain Bowl and Tri Bond that are expected for homerooms to get through, cannot be completed if the time is cut. Those kind of bonding activities — which is what homeroom used to be — will be missed out on. As you go year-by-year, you won’t really get to know those students in a short amount of time,” Powers said.

Junior Ashlyn Kellner said homeroom time is essential during junior and senior years.

“Homeroom time is especially important for seniors because they use that time for a lot of preparation for college and after high school experiences,” Kellner said. “I’m a little worried about having less time for homeroom considering the fact that I will be a senior next year.”

Kellner added that homeroom is also important for spending time bonding.

“I feel like Wildcat Challenge was a great bonding factor, but we didn’t really have much time in general to effectively plan during homeroom,” Kellner said. “If the homeroom time were to be additionally cut, it would only take away from the time that we already don’t have.”

By Briana Sandoval