Preparations for May’s AP exams intensify


Advanced Placement exam administration will begin May 1, and sophomore Jodie Wiens has already started preparing. 

“I’m studying for my AP tests using a mixture of mock exams, practice problems and note revision,” Wiens said. 

 Sophomore Anastasia Wright shares a similar method of review.

“I’m studying for my AP tests using review books,” Wright said. 

Wiens said another resource that has been beneficial is AP classroom—the very website that runs, formats and creates the exams.

“The AP Classroom materials are really helpful because I know they’re coming from the old exams and will be good study materials,” Wiens said. 

Students are not the only ones taking their time to prepare for exams; the AP teachers have been setting up mock tests and exercises for the students.

“My AP U.S. history  teacher is having partner groups in our class cover a period each by making a slideshow then presenting it, since AP U.S. history is divided into nine time periods,” Wright said. “This is really helping me refresh the information because I’ve forgotten a lot of the specifics.” 

Teachers have been equipping their students with resources since the classes began. Those materials have been proven to come in handy, according to sophomore Gianna Theodoropoulos.

“I am using past notes and slideshows provided by teachers,” Theodoropoulos said. 

These exams range from a score of 1 to 5, and students need at least a 3 to pass. After getting 5s on her AP exams the previous year, Wright said she is ready and prepared.

“I feel very confident about my tests so far,” Wright said. “I know I’ve worked hard this year, and if I continue to, I can score a five.”

Unlike Wright, Theodoropoulos expressed concern about remembering previous lessons.

“I’m a little unsure on most of the older units in the classes from the beginning of the year,” Theodoropoulos said. 

By Hannah Talaia