Power Hour

Julia Kuehnast, Staff Writer

A new addition to West Shore’s daily routine, Power Hour has created opportunities for students to receive tutoring, attend club meetings, and have time to relax before the end of the day. Originally off to a rough start, the system has started to show its potential. Many clubs use half of Power Hour to arrange meetings, and a new addition of tables resolved the overflow seating issue, allows students to sit in designated areas.

“It seemed like Power Hour would be something to allow us to have time to get things done and unwind, but it seems more stressful since all the lunches are combined,” senior Noah Majeed said.  “By the time we finish eating, some teacher’s office hours are over and we might not have that much time to see teachers.”

Freshman Victoria Hahn feels differently.

“I like how we can use that extra time to do homework, talk to friends, and talk to teachers,” Hahn said.

The new daily structure is continuing to improve and students are adapting to the new extra half hour.