Potter club scheduled to take flight second semester

Sydney Saunders, Staff Writer

Calling all witches and warlocks seeking to find the illustrious snitch because the world of Harry Potter is coming to campus.

The Quidditch Club is scheduled to officially open at the start of second semester. Prospective members are anticipating the arrival of the Harry Potter derived sport by perfecting their incantations, sharpening their wands and polishing their broomsticks. In addition, a Yule Ball — a traditional formal dance leading up to the Triwizard tournament — is in the planning stages.

“When I found out Quidditch and a Yule Ball were coming to West Shore, I think my heart stopped beating for a second. This is such an exciting sport for students to participate in,” sophomore Erika Dietl said. “I can barely wait for the second semester to arrive. It’s so close but yet so far away.”

Students participating in Quidditch will have the opportunity to enter their names into the Goblet of Fire and prepare for an epic battle.

“I am really excited for Quidditch. It’s going to be a lot of fun,” freshmen Kara Marin said. “I’m a Harry Potter nerd.”

Club founder Elena Abascal says she was looking to fill a void left by the conclusion of the film series.

“The morning after the ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’ premiere, I finally realized the series was over and, honestly, I think I think it was my first taste of heartbreak,”   Abascal said. “Just as the credits were rolling the night before, it was almost as if Harry turned around and said ‘Elena I’m breaking up with you.’”

With the help of seventh-grade science teacher and sponsor Alexandra Michaels, the club became a reality. The club’s planning committee includes Alicia Matos, Callie Heuser, Emily Dubec-Hunter, Jayanth Kundumadathil, Jessica Whaley and Valerie Ferreti.

‘This is a great club,that the students will be able to participate in, and many will be able to enjoy the games and activities that will available,” Michaels said.

Quidditch tryouts will require each contender to complete an obstacle course while holding a broom stick. Practice schedules are still being determined, so that members can participate with minimum of schedule conflicts. Practices will held be during club days and could extend to optional weekend sessions.  Uniforms will consist of  T-shirts bearing the last names of Harry Potter characters.  Players will choose to compete for either the Slytherin or Gryffindor houses.

“Teamwork, is what produced this club, it’s not just one person,” sophomore Rosalie Henniger said. When Quidditch opens, I’ll be first to sign up. It’s going to be magical.”