Plans for auditorium screen repair under way

Plans to repair the projection screen in the auditorium, which has been broken since December, will begin to be put together after this weekend, according to Assistant Principal of Facilities Jim Melia.

The screen, which has a damaged motor, has not yet been repaired due to financial issues.

“It’s going to be well over $5,000 to fix, an expense we didn’t think of while building the auditorium. It’s not an expense we have in our budget either, but the District has a contingent budget for when things go wrong, so they will be able to cover it for us,” Melia said.

Because repair costs will exceed $5,000, Brevard School District policy requires that the school secure bids from at least three different companies before deciding who will be hired to make the repairs.

“Thursday morning I met with a guy from the audio visual company Avispl to get the last quote for the screen repair,” Melia said. “Once we get all three quotes in, we will submit them to the district. I was told I would receive the quote sometime over the weekend.”

Once the repairs begin, it may take some time for the screen to actually be fixed. The company that originally installed the screen, Island Sound and Design, is no longer in business so now the only companies that can repair this type of a screen are stationed in Orlando.

“After the district chooses a vendor, we have to reserve a day for them to come out and fix it,” Melia said. “They have actually got to order the replacement parts from a company called Draper that is stationed in Indiana. After the parts come in, they will finally be able to fix it. From the time we choose a vendor, it will most likely take more than six weeks to be completely finished.”

The repair timeline has became an issue fof the Quill and Scroll’s “Sound and Vision Night,” a multimedia event scheduled for Jan. 27. The club had planned to use the screen to project videos and other forms of mass media.

Quill and Scroll President Yasmeen Elsawaf remains undeterred.

“We are planning on using another projector, maybe Mrs. Jenkins’, and will be projecting it right on the wall. Right now we definitely plan on having the event, just with just a few minor adjustments,” she said.

Melia said that although the screen likely will not be ready in time for the “Sound and Vision Night,” it will be repaired.

“Even though it may take longer and be more expensive than we anticipated, the important thing is that it is finally getting fixed,” he said.

By Keiran Sheridan