Pep rallies in peril

Sarah Petrone , Staff Writer

Upsetting students, seniors especially, West Shore has had to eliminate our fall and spring sports pep rallies for the 2015-2016 school year.

“The pep-rallies were a really great time for us to bond,  to show appreciation for all the sports teams – dance and cheer team included,” senior Gabby McKessey said. “I’m really going to miss laughing and participating in all the games that they held.”

Many new ideas have been introduced this year, including early release every Wednesday and the integration of power hour, both cutting down on classroom time.

State policy requires students to be in a classroom environment for approximately 67.5 hours per semester in order to earn credit for a class leaving minimal time for extracurricular activities.

“I’m extremely aggravated that we have had to eliminate pep rallies this year,” Principle Rick Flemming said. “I think it really gets rid of school spirit, which is sad.”

Sports teams are especially upset by this decision, as pep rallies were their time to be recognized and honored by the student body. Dancers and cheerleaders share similar feelings since they gave them an opportunity to shine in front of their peers.

“I think the cheer team was really bummed about the pep rallies elimination because they had just learned a really great routine at camp that would have been amazing for a pep rally,” cheer coach Carrie Wadzinski said.

Despite pep rallies having been eliminated, administration is currently trying to figure out a way to resurrect the pep rallies students have always loved.