PAWS cracks down on bullying

SADD has been re-vamped and is taking the fight to bullying. The new group that took SADD’s places is called PAWS which stands for Peer Awareness West Shore.

“The group is important to me because I was bullied when I was younger such as being called the ugly duckling, harry potter, and megamind for various reasons. Even though we don’t see bullying everyday it’s still happening around us and PAWS is trying to eliminate bullying. Hopefully starting next year we will have a guest speaker come in and talk to students that need help,” member Allie Henderson said.

The club is taking new measures to teach teens how to avoid making destructive choices.

“PAWS takes a more proactive approach versus a reactive approach and tries to identify problems before they happen,” said the School Resource Officer Chuck Landmesser, the club’s sponsor.

PAWS had to overcome a few bumps in the road in its first few months. Red Ribbon Week almost had to be postponed because of the arrival time of some T-shirts the club ordered to promote Red Ribbon Week. Along with the T-shirts, members made small red ribbons to attach to teachers’ doors to promote Red Ribbon Week. In addition to this the club also had to get its name out there.

“PAWS is trying to advertise that we’re being formed by holding meetings near the end of October,” Landmesser said.

The club, however, hasn’t set an exact date for these meetings yet.


By Erik Dearmin