Parking lot to be renovated during Winter Break

The faded parking spots on campus are set to be resealed, re-striped and renumbered during winter break.

“We are going to have numbers we can read and lines we can see,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said. “If you look out in front [of the school] a lot of the yellow and all of the safety markings are faded. You can tell that a lot of weeds are coming in, there’s a lot of cracks in the asphalt.”

The process was approved by the school district. Halbuer said that the district “goes through priority” when it comes to resealing school parking, and “there were actually schools in worse shape than ours.” The renovations are designated for the parking lot in front of the media center and the faculty parking lot in front of Building 2. The auditorium parking lot will be exempt from the resealing, but will be re-striped and renumbered.

“We would have loved the district also to reseal out by the auditorium,” Halbuer said. “However, our beautiful senior artwork would have been all covered. We’ll have all of the numbers in sequence, so next year seniors won’t have to repaint their numbers. That way the students can just focus on the design of their spot.”

Halbuer said the renovations will help with both safety and organization on campus. Students with parking spots in front of the auditorium have parking permits that match the parking spot number that they are assigned. With the re-striping and renumbering, parking spot labels are expected to be adjusted.

“It might be different numbers for this year,” Halbuer said. “Everybody knows what their spot is, and we also have the map for what their old spots are. [School Resource Officer Valerie] Butler checks that each day. Last Friday we had over 10 cars that were out there without permits. So they all got little notes from Officer Butler.”

The parking lot on the track will not be resealed, re-striped or renumbered and will be accessible for faculty and staff to use during Winter Break.

“I’ll be walking a couple of extra steps, but that’s no big deal,” AP Language and Composition and AP Capstone teacher Jeannie Griffin said. “It’s going to help tremendously. Right now it’s hard to read some of the numbers. For those of us who come in really early before it’s light, we can’t really see the numbers. Sometimes we have to pull in, realize we aren’t in the right spot, and back out. We need the assigned parking. It helps with safety. Officer Butler needs to know what cars are here on campus all of the time.”

Griffin was notified about the parking lot renovations during a Curriculum Resource Specialist meeting last week. Griffin said she shared the news with the English department afterward, and hopes that the parking lot renovations will help with school efficiency.

“There are times where there is heavy activity on campus and many parents can’t get a spot to pick up paperwork or drop off paperwork,” Griffin said. “I think Ms. Halbuer is doing a great job and has made that parking lot a priority.”

By Sophia Bailly