Pandemic-weary seniors find way forward


The senior class enjoying the sunrise at 5th Avenue Beach to celebrate the start of the school year.

Raven Morgan , Staff Writer

The Class of 2022 has not had a typical high school experience. Having grown up in the middle of a pandemic, senior Madeline Huberman said the most important thing she learned was to remember to smile. 

“Even in the worst situations you can honestly find ways to make things OK,” Huberman said. “[The pandamic] showed me that even after a rough patch you can come back from it.”

Huberman said she is going to emphasize having as much fun as she can for her last year in high school.

“I honestly feel a big relief because I feel like I have been very school-focused and now I can definitely lighten up on that,” she said. “Before, I just mostly thought about school and grades, but [my senior year] has already been better than I expected. Just let yourself have fun and let go. Don’t dwell on the little things.”

Senior Channen Macom said she regrets her lack of participation in school activities. 

“I’m going to make an effort to join more clubs and events this year, like Art Honor Society and the Dungeons and Dragons Club. You know, the nerdy stuff,” she said. “

Macom said she has spent much of her time applying to colleges. 

“This year has made me feel very anxious,” she said. “I have a ton of applications to finish because I’m applying to as many schools as possible. I’m going to go to college very far away. Florida is boring and I need some new scenery.”

Senior Abigail Stirna said it’s important to make a plan for your last year. 

“I feel like it has all happened so fast,” Stirna said. “We have so much more responsibility being seniors than we’ve ever had before. From college applications to Senior Project, and just keeping up with classes in general, this year seems to be the busiest one so far.”

Ultimately, Stirna said values the personal connections she has made. 

“I’m very grateful to be surrounded by such amazing and supportive people,” she said. “I hope we’ll all be able to keep in touch in college.”