Order a yearbook and receive a discount

Maddie Dimond, Entertainment Editor

The last day to order your yearbook for the price of $65 will be Sept. 30. For the week of Sept. 24 to Sept. 28 yearbooks will on sale at lunch for $65, which is the same price as last year’s yearbook. After Sept.30, the price will increase to $70.

“We had to change our pricing because of new auditing procedures system,” yearbook adviser Mark Schledorn said. “Last year we ordered 300 extra yearbooks for people to buy at the end of the year. That equals about $19,500 in inventory. If we didn’t sell them all, that would have been a huge profit loss.”

Prices will continue to increase incrementally throughout the year to get people to order the books early. On Oct. 1 the cost will increase to $70, then will increase to $75 after the new year.

“The district auditors would frown on us taking the financial risk of waiting to see how many books will be bought at the end of the year,” Schledorn said. ” Many other Brevard County Schools also have this system because it is a huge profit loss if every book doesn’t get sold. We aren’t doing this to be punative or mean, this is just the new economic reality of the school system.”

Only about 20 books will be available for sale at the end of the school year for $85, so ordering the yearbook for $65 next week at lunch or online will result in a $20 discount.

“We want every student and parent to purchase the book at the cheapest possible rate,” Schledorn said. “That’s why we’ve scheduled an awareness campaign and a week-long sale.”