On-campus fair brings history to life

Seventh-grade students dressed up as important figures from either the signing of the Declaration of Independence or the writing of the Constitution for the History Fair held in the gym and auditorium Wednesday. They also created a presentation on the life of the figure they were impersonating.

“Students select a historic figure from the signing of the Declaration of Independence or from the Constitution, become an expert on that person’s life and contributions to the Revolution and create a presentation in class,” social studies teacher Amy Dimond said. “They also design a carnival game based on the life of their person and dress in costume to represent that person.”

Dimond said the fair also helps students learn about history in an entertaining way.

“[The fair] was created to encourage students to engage in project-based learning,” Dimond said. “It helps students learn about history by presenting research to fellow students and it is fun.”

Massimo S. (7) said he enjoyed the activity.

“It’s fun to work in a group and make a project,” he said. “I like seeing all the different games.”

Ty V. (7) said said the project helped him better understand history.

“It focused me on a certain topic, I researched that topic and it helped me learn about that topic,” he said.

Students from other grades also participated, except they played the games and listened to the other students’ presentations.

By Cooper Thomson