Notification letters bring West Shore hopefuls happiness or heartbreak

Crossing their fingers, several hundred kids from sixth grade to eighth grade will hear the tearing of an envelope that may offer them the chance to attend West Shore next year. This moment dictates how they will plan their high school and middle school careers and can be distinguished by the sounds of enjoyment or sighs of sadness.
The letters go out on March 7. The letter comes with a congratulations for getting accepted, but sometimes it can come with a number. At this moment you become a number on the waiting list to continue the nail biting or one of the lucky few to get in.
“I almost got in the first time I applied, in seventh grade,” sophomore Jordan Stowers said. “I was number 32 on the list I think and they got up to number 31 [on the waiting list].”
Like many others, Stowers had to apply had to apply more than twice before being accepted in ninth grade.
“In eighth grade I had no chance and then for ninth grade lottery by some sort of stroke of luck, my name was drawn,” Stowers said.
Another perk that is often a big draw to West Ahore is that parents enjoy having all of their kids be able to attend West Shore automatically if their older siblings already attend the school.
“My parents are so relieved that my little sister can get in without applying,” Stowers said. “We live half an hour away and it’s a nice transition for her, so she doesn’t need to worry about the stress of high school while trying to make new friends at the same time.”