NHS Spring Inductions cancelled

Emily Dubec-Hunter, Staff Writer

National Honor Society cancelled their Spring Inductions this year. Those who applied will be inducted with next year’s inductees when school reopens in the fall.

“Spring inductions were first postponed, then cancelled due to the in-coming student orientation meeting that had to be scheduled for the same date as our spring inductions,” NHS sponsor  Melissa Henderson said. “You need to ‘book’ the auditorium months in advance so it was next to impossible to find a date that would work for everyone.”

Henderson said that although holding only one induction wasn’t planned, she will continue the trend of having one induction in later years.

“I believe that they have had two inductions due to the Senior Salute that we normally do with the spring inductions,” she said. “But I do not think it is practical to have two inductions which is why I am switching to just one.”

Sherie Jenkins, the former NHS sponsor from 2000 to 2012, said she tried to do one induction at first as well, but had too many complaints.

“I morphed the Spring Induction into a Senior Salute too,” Jenkins said. “I liked doing the two inductions because I really enjoyed the Senior Salute, even if it was more work.”

Although NHS is a national club, the decision on how many and what kind of inductions held are school or club decisions, not national ones.

Henderson said she will be holding one induction in the fall and will also continue Jenkins’ tradition of the Senior Salute.

“I am planning on holding the Senior Salute as its own event next year,” she said.