New Agriscience Club aims to educate

Senior Michelle Chin recently founded the Agriscience Club in hopes to educate students on the science behind agriculture.

“The club’s mission is to educate students about the importance of agriculture in Florida, how environmental factors can affect food production and the science behind agricultural and environmental practices,” said Chin,  who is the Agriscience Club founder and president.

Chin had a unique opportunity last summer to meet with winners of the National Agriscience Award which fueled her determination to start the Agriscience Club.

“I was inspired by their [the National Agriscience Award winners] devotion and hard work towards educating their students about current agricultural issues,” Chin said. “I wanted to spread awareness about agriscience to the school community as well.”

Earlier this month, the club held its first meeting.

“I was very happy with the turnout,” Chin said. “I talked about the general direction of the club, introduced our mission and proposed future activities.”

The club has many possible service events in mind for this year.

“Some of the proposed club-sponsored activities include researching local agricultural issues around the school campus, making posters and presentations about Earth Day and organizing beach clean-ups in conjunction with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society,” Chin said.

Chin is enthusiastic and hopeful for the next semester with the club.

“I’m looking forward to an exciting next semester, and I hope that the club members will have a lot of fun,” she said.

Chin said agricultural science is an important field of study and that people everywhere should consider the importance of it.

“Oftentimes, we take for granted that we can go to the store to buy milk, eggs, or produce without thinking about where they originally come from,” she said. “There’s a lot of science that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to agriculture and food production.

By David Anderson