NAHS to hold egg hunt Thursday

Students from grades 7 to 12 will be welcome to participate in the first Easter egg hunt, organized by the club members of National Art Honor Society. It will be Thursday in room 5-100, Jelena Macleod’s room, during Power Hour B.

Students who are interested need to pay $2 to hunt. Toy eggs containing prizes will be scattered throughout the room. Prizes include candy, ice cream coupons and gift cards.

“We figured that the egg hunt would be a fun activity for anyone of any grade level to participate in, including staff,” NAHS member Abby Stirna said. “We were able to receive donations for the prizes, which is a great incentive to get people to participate.”

NAHS has not had many events lined up this year because its members were confused about when the meetings were or if they were even being held, because of miscommunication. However, NAHS member Allie Murray said this event should work out fine with enough advertisement.

“I think [the egg hunt] is going to go well, because [digital arts teacher Jim] Finch did a poll about it in one of his classes and about 50 percent of [the students] were interested in it,” Murray said. “I think we are also going to have someone talk to the people in the news to have an advertisement go out to boost attendance.”

Macleod, studio arts teacher and sponsor of NAHS, said she hopes the egg hunt will become something that West Shore would like to remain doing.

“We are having our first NAHS Easter egg hunt [which we hope] that catches on and becomes a West Shore tradition,” Macleod said. “An Easter egg hunt is always a lot of fun, so we’re excited.”

Macleod said she wants to make things fun for students as much as she can.

“We hope [people] come, [as] we’ve even got posters up,” Macleod said. “We’re just looking forward to fun things, and next year too. We’re coming up with ideas.”

By Ana Bustamante