MU Alpha Theta calculates strategies

MU Alpha Theta, the high-school math team, already has begun training for upcoming competitions in January. The first contest will be held in Orlando.

“There are three competitions, each takes a two-hour drive,” club sponsor Debra Jerdon said. “Most of the schools we compete against have special classes and training that prepare students just for the competition. However, I have really high expectations for this year because of all the bright stars we have, but winning will be tough.”

Despite of not having buses and special classes, West Shore’s MU Alpha Theta team has brought home lots of trophies every year, and the members have won many awards both as a team and individually.

“We practice every Friday morning for 30 minutes, and I feel very prepared for the competitions,” junior Srimayi Tenali said. “Joining the Alpha Theta team also helps me with my calculus class because we get more practice on the subject and we learn things in advance.”

Jerdon gives out practice tests at every meeting to diagnose students’ ability and expose them to the kinds of problems they’ll face at the competitions. She also teaches members simple shortcuts and new lessons that could put them ahead of their math classmates — and their future opponents.

By Trung Van