Model Student Senate passes bills at Friday meeting

On Jan. 21, students belonging to Model Student Senate voted and passed seven new bills.

“Model Student Senate is like a mock senate meeting,” sophomore and member Nithya Sheshadri said.

The eight students on the senate this year are all from different grade levels and come together at a meeting to act as senators.

“We broke into committee meetings,” Sheshadri said. “The committees pass and reject bills. Senators who are sponsoring or cosponsoring bills give speeches about their bill and witnesses testify on bills.  I was on the Judiciary Committee and we passed the Dream Act.”

The Dream Act allows alien minors to get a higher education after having lived at least five continuous years in the United States.

“Model student senate is at district level and we send students to become real senators.  All students have to take government so it really helps them understand how the senate works,” adviser Brooke Owen-Thomas said.

During the day, the student senate members go through the actions of what the U.S. Senate does and how it works.

“Model Student Senate was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to participate in it next year,” Sheshadri said. By Addie Steele