Middle school dance gets rid of DJ

The middle school Student Government Association will forego hiring a DJ for its dance this semester in order to save money and create a better time for the students. Although some students think that getting rid of the DJ will make the dance better, others are against it.

“The DJ makes the dance,” Megan W., an SGA member said. “Without a DJ no one would let loose and it would be totally boring.”

The Hawaiian-themed dance is scheduled to be held in the school cafeteria from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Feb. 24. SGA Vice President Kristina Y. said this dance will be one of the best yet.

“I don’t think having a DJ is that important.” Kristina said. “Either way the dance is going to turn out great.”

In place of  a DJ, there will be a CD pre-made for the dance.  SGA already has enough money for the dance because not hiring a DJ is saving so much.

“Without a DJ we can put the money we’ve already earned to more important things like decorations.” Kristina said. “We plan to really deck this dance out.”

By Brady Kelsey

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Policy prohibits the use of first and last names of middle-schoolers on school-related websites.