Bands and artists will be seen and heard at Sound and Vision Night

Quill & Scroll, an international journalism honor organization, is holding “Sound and Vision Night,” a fundraiser to promote student-generated media. The event will be held Friday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the auditorium.

“[It’s] a fundraiser … to promote works of art, like literature, music and photos,” Quill and Scroll president Yasmeen Elsawaf said.”

Submitted works for the event include art pieces, poetry, videos and photography.

“We have about 25 art pieces and a dozen poems,” he said. “We’re kind of short on videos though. I think the main draw [to Sound & Vision] will be the bands. There are two West Shore bands, and they’ll be really good.”

Senior Alex Ludeman, who generally plays for the band Agility will also play with The Basement Scene, says both bands are already prepared.

“We don’t require much preparation or rehearsal for Agility since we all know the music very well,” he said via email. “I’m filling in for [senior] D.K. Issit in [the performance]. DK’s are rather large shoes to fill, but I am really glad for this opportunity.”

Sophomore Valerie Kobzarenko, who submitted an acrylic painting, also is excited for the event.

“I want to go to see what other people are doing with music and art,” she said. “It’s interesting to see the different artistic viewpoints of people at our school.”

According to Elsawaf, Quill and Scroll hasn’t decided to which charity they will submit the funds raised at the event. Tickets to attend cost $2.

“We’re selling tickets during lunch on Thursday and Friday,” she said. “I can’t estimate the number [of people attending] yet, but we’re hoping a lot of people will come.”

By Andrew Lim