Media center closed for remainder of school year

Media center closed for remainder of school year

Scores of new computers have been added to the media center in anticipation of standardized testing.

Danny Dolnik, Staff Writer

The media center will be closed to students for the remainder of the school year due to testing. Starting April 15, the media center will be reserved for the multitude of computer-based standardized tests required by state law during the last month of school. Testing includes FCAT, end of course exams and Advanced Placement exams.

Media specialist Amy Franco said the center’s closing is necessary for effective testing.

“It’s really not my call because this year as the number of tests has increased, the need for more computers is crucial,” Franco said. “We will be closed down more days than in the past since we will have more online testing than ever before.”

That increase has caused a ripple effect regarding media-center procedures.

“All books had to be turned in a month earlier,” Franco said. “Also, there will be no checking out books, no lunch passes, no entrance on test days and limited open times.”

In addition, duel-enrollment students will be impacted because of morning testing. Instead of going to the media center when they arrive from Brevard Community College each morning, they will instead report to the cafeteria. The media center staff will also be affected with more work than usual.

“I will be pulled for proctoring, and media center assistant [Sharon] Duchaine will be alone to complete inventory,” Franco said. “The side door will be open since teachers and students will have to turn in books and pay fines.”

Franco predicts this will not be the end of additional online testing.

“Soon all FCAT and EOC testing will be on the computer,” Franco said.