Math materials under review until Feb. 21

Ever complained about a math book? If so, you now have a chance to provide some input for the next textbook adoption. From now until Feb. 21, parents, students and teachers will be able to review the newly recommended math materials under review for the next school year.  

Sophomore Kira Anzalone said people should take advantage of the opportunity.

“I think it is good for parents and students to know about the new math materials and to be able to access them if they would like to,” she said.

Parents and students can now go online to the Brevard Public School website and look under the “District News” and click on “Math (K-12) Instructional Materials Adoption”.  From there, reviewers can access the list of the recommended items that have been chosen for that specific math subject. Reviewers can then log in under a specific math subject and see what the new math material is like for that specific company.  Parents, teachers and students then can weigh in on the pros and cons of each selection.

“Having all of the answers to problems in the textbook at the back of the book or at the end of the chapter would seriously help me by making it easier to check my answers and make sure I am doing things correctly,” Anzalone said.

For Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2, the new company that has been recommended is Algebra Nation.

However, Algebra Nation is not new for sophomore Sasha Karlsson.

“I have used Algebra Nation and I do think it is a good option because the site is very helpful,” she said. “It shows problems, theorems and material and explains how to solve questions. They have helpful videos that I have used to understand different math topics.”

By Olivia Blackwell