Lunch trash leaves blemish on campus

Trash is being left by students who eat outside during Power Hour, and the administration is asking for students to pick up after themselves.

“[Students should be] a little bit more mindful of their surroundings,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said. “And when it’s time to go, look at what’s around and pick it up and if there’s trash on the table don’t just push it out onto the ground.”

Halbuer said last year there was an incident with bees that was caused by students not properly disposing of their garbage.

“There is an active beehive within two miles of the school,” she said. “So if students aren’t throwing their stuff away into the trash cans when the custodians empty them a the end of breakfast and lunch then that scent gets out there for bees to smell and then they call your buddies to come and get a little bee activity.”

Halbuer said she believes throwing away your trash is part of being a good community member.

“Well, really everyone should be picking up after themselves when they make a mess at school, out in the community, or at home,” she said. “That’s just something good [community] member do.”

Sophomore Loren Nienajadlo said he believes the wellness of our campus is being harmed due to students not properly discarding their garbage.

“I feel that the campus is making the campus not as nice and it’s defacing the campus,” he said.

Halbuer said students also should be aware of the recycling bins when cleaning up after themselves.

“When you do put your trash away, consider the recycling,” she said. “If we could just get our bottles and just plain paper into the recycling, that will help limit the waste that goes into the landfill.”

By Michael Stewart