Limited supply of yearbooks remain on sale

For anyone looking to remember the 2010-2011 school year, a few yearbooks remain on sale for $65 in Room 3-104 during lunch.

“I think [yearbooks are] a great way to capture all of the great memories that one makes in a year and be able to preserve them forever. Yearbooks capture most of the weekly events that happen throughout the year for people to recall what actually happened that year,” Arcadia co-editor in chief Megan Poulsen said.

These yearbooks are different from those of previous years because of the Facebook-influenced and out of character themes running throughout.

“Our book is driven by an icon theme rather than a verbal theme. Truly this has set our book apart from many of the Arcadia books in the past. It has brought the style, design and complexity of the publication to a whole new level,” co-editor in chief, Kassidy Silva said.

The limited supply of yearbooks are being sold along with plastic covers and autograph pages, which will cost $2 each.

“It’s the actual signing of the book that makes a yearbook great and worth buying. The signing in a yearbook allows for life to be brought into the book and for one to truly capture and remember their year through the ones that were there to share it with,” Poulsen said.

By Christina Baylen