Latin exam proves challenging

Ninety-one out of the 95 Latin students — including sophomore Talin Handa, who studies Latin III at the Florida Virtual School — took the National Latin Exam on Tuesday. The exam tests students across the nation on general knowledge about vocabulary, derivatives, geography, grammar, mythology, roman culture and translation abilities.

“The challenge with studying for the National Latin Exam is that the exam can be taken from any textbook in the nation making preparation tough,” Latin teacher Virginia Wills said. “But I believe we did a good job. Although I can’t know until the results come back, I feel all the classes went in with the right ambitions and promising attitude.”

Sophomore Jake Dimond and freshman Geoffery Garrido expressed confidence.

“I think I killed it because I can do nothing wrong with the help of Mrs. Wills,” Dimond said.

“The only weird thing about the test is the fluxuation of difficulty of the questions,” Garrido said. “For example, some questions are crazy difficult random facts while others are easy, such as interpreting a map of ancient Rome.”

As a reward, students will receive benefits from the opportunity to show their knowledge.

“There is a good chance for an award on the exam being that you only have to place above average, and these awards can be used to show on your résumé,” Wills said. “The exam can also affirm the hard work put in through the year.”

By Steven Tenbusch