Lally, Batache to lead Junior Class

Junior class candidates for next year were revealed last week, announcing Ann-Marie Lally as president and Kelly Batache as vice president.

Lally said she was nervous about whether she would win the election or not.

“I knew it would be a close call either way, but when I heard my name called I was really happy because I knew Kelly and I had worked really hard on campaigning,” she said. “I know we will do an amazing job next year.”

Batache also said she was also anxious about the results.

“Ann-Marie and I were both nervous because the other candidates were all really strong, but I knew either way that our Prom was going to be in good hands,” Batache said. “We just kept the campaign positive and after I had heard that we won, I was really relieved because I knew all our hard work had paid off.”

Lally said she is excited about the Junior Class events that are going to take place next year.

“Powderpuff will be really fun to plan next year because all of the practices are great bonding experiences,” Lally said. “We are also expecting to host many fund-raisers that everyone will be able to enjoy.”

Batache also said that the fund-raisers will be an exciting opportunity to get the whole junior class involved.

By Briana Sandoval