Key Club to sell carnations in cafeteria

From planting a garden for Harbor City Elementary to conducting numerous blood drives, Key Club has been the initiate of many projects this year and doesn’t plan on slowing down. The Carnation Fund-raiser, an annual custom for the club, will be taking place during the week of Feb. 8.

“Key Club does this fund-raiser every year,” said senior Daphna Krause, president of the Key Club. “It has become a tradition in the West Shore community to have flowers available on Valentine’s Day. It’s something that I know people have come to expect and look forward to.”

After having raised approximately $200 last year, the club hopes to continue this trend, but a change in plans might prove to be a hinderance.

“We are hoping to raise a few hundred dollars,” Krause said. “However, this year, unlike past years, the carnations will not be donated. It will definitely take away from the club’s profit. We got the carnations from Roses are Red in previous years, but this year we are getting them from Beach House Design, a business partner of West Shore.”

Students will be able purchase the flowers during Power Hour in the cafeteria. Flowers will be sold for $1.50 each and distributed on Feb. 12 in fourth period and Power Hour, with the proceeds going directly to Key Club.

“We are hoping to use the money we make for club members next year after we, the upperclassmen, are gone,” said senior Malika Shahzad, secretary of the club. “The fund-raiser is a great way to spread the love to others.”

By Elizabeth Marrin