Juniors will take SAT exam Wednesday

Scott Quigley

The SAT exam, which all junior students are required to take, will be held Wednesday and many are trying to cram in every last bit of studying in order to prepare for the college admissions test.

“It’s a pretty stressful time of the year,” junior Cooper Stein said. “The difference between getting into the school of your choice and being rejected could be all up to a few hundred points on the SAT, which puts some pressure on students.”

juniors are to report to their designated testing locations Wednesday. Some of the locations include the auditorium, the gym, or classrooms throughout the campus.

“Pretty much my only problem with the test is that my testing location is in the gym, and it’s usually freezing cold in there,” junior Sam Gill said. “I don’t really want to spend multiple hours in a freezing cold room. I’m not too worried about the SAT, though.”

The temperature of the room is not the main concern for most people, however. The SAT is a largely weighing factor when colleges are determining which students to accept into their schools.

“I feel like colleges are getting more and more competitive each year, and in order to be looked at, it’s really necessary to maximize my SAT score,” junior Cullen Yarbrough said. “It’s strange to think that a test I take in high school can impact my future so heavily.”

By Scott Quigley