Class bonfire scheduled Tuesday

Julia Levy, Staff Writer

The Junior Class is scheduled to hold a bonfire at Pelican Beach on Dec. 20 for juniors and seniors.

“Our class definitely needs to bond especially because the seniors are going to be graduating soon,” Junior Class president Stephanie Delgado said.

Admission will be free and food and drinks will be sold.

“It’s a way for our class to make some money too,” Delgado said. “Even though the bonfire isn’t sanctioned by the school, we’re still going to donate all of the money towards the Junior Class for Prom.”

The  Junior Class is seeking donations of drinks, wood and items for smores.

“It sounds like a really fun idea, and our class has never  done anything like this before,” junior Tyler Moscrip said. “I think a lot of people will go too, especially because it’s kind of a way to celebrate the end of exams.