Junior Class reveals Prom theme

“Arabian Night,” “Night Under the Stars,” “A Night in Hollywood.” Deciding the theme for Prom can be tricky because not everyone can be easily pleased. There are many things that need to be considered when picking and revealing a Prom theme, and the Junior Class had some fun with the seniors before officially announcing the theme it chose.

“I don’t exactly remember how it got started,” Junior Class communications officer Jenna Bratman said. “But I remember that when we were still thinking of a Prom theme, we were looking through a Prom magazine and saw a picture of a “Star Wars” theme, and we all thought it was super funny. Then, I think we just jokingly started telling people it was “Star Wars,” but they took us seriously so we went from there and began to make it serious to throw people off.”

The Junior Class had not revealed the theme it was actually going to go with, but instead let the seniors believe rumors that they would enjoy their last Prom dancing under space ship decorations.

“Honestly, I love the idea of a Star Wars Prom theme,” senior Joy Oni said. “It looked really cool and original. I wish we were actually doing it. I was a little unsure about whether or not they were being serious about the whole thing or not, but it honestly would have been amazing.”

After a few weeks of building suspense, the Junior Class took to social media to reveal the actual Prom theme: “Under the Sea.”

“We had a broad idea for what we wanted to do based on our ideas, and then we were finally able to narrow it down into a more specific subtype,” Junior Class SAC representative Nic Stelter said.

Oni said she is looking forward to Prom, but indicated the theme lacks creativity.

“I’m actually really disappointed with the ‘Under the Sea’ Prom theme, ” Oni said. “I’m sure they’ll do an excellent job with the decorations, and I’m sure it will look absolutely beautiful. But ‘Under the Sea’ is very common. They literally use it for every single fictional Disney Channel show Prom ever. I was hoping for something a little bit more original, but I’m still excited nevertheless.”

Alexa Carlos