Junior Class Representative

Hali McCulloch, Staff Writer

Previously unoccupied, the junior class representative position has now been chosen. Gabrielle Powers, past junior class representative, resigned her position as she left West Shore for personal reasons. Angela McClendon, new Social Science teacher, had been assigned to take Powers’s position, but had to eventually decline. Robert Klaasen, new chemistry instructor, has currently dedicated himself to the position.

“I decided to step down since it is my first year here, and it was just too much to do along with learning a new curriculum, school, etc,” McClendon said.

Junior class sponsor is in charge of budgeting for prom.

“The major responsibility of the Junior Class is to plan Prom,” Klassen said. “The way I understand my job is that I facilitate whatever the class officers want to do. I make sure all the right forms get turned in and make sure we have the supervision and volunteers needed to pull off fundraisers and the event itself.”

The junior class is grateful for an experienced sponsor.

“I don’t have many responsibilities outside of school, I served as Jr. sponsor three years at my last school and it seems like there will be lots of help and support,” Klaasen said.

The student officers are mostly in charge, but Klaasen is supervising the money and needed paperwork.

“I like to stay out of the way of class officers,” Klaasen said. “My only real goals are to stay on budget and try to keep things running smoothly. The officers seem like a great group and I look forward to working with everybody.”

By Hali McCulloch