Junior class officers elected

As the school year comes to a close, the sophomore class held elections for their junior class officers. Elections took place Friday, April 11th during the sophomores’ English classes. Mary-Grace Lally competed against sophomore Sonya Foster for president. Lally succeeded in her campaign along with her partner Callia Karas who was elected vice president.

“I was very nervous to run against Sonya,” Lally said, “I had a few of my friends wear t-shirts that said ‘Vote for Mary-Grace Lally’ on election day and I feel like that really helped me in my success.”

Along with Lally and Karas, Rebecca Castillo was elected historian and Sam Mikhail, Sergio Carlos, Brittany Etrick were chosen for treasurer, communications officer, and secretary, respectively. The elected sophomores are in charge of putting on Prom in the spring of 2015.

“Mary-Grace and I have been talking about Prom ideas since the beginning of this year,” Karas said. “I am really looking forward to throwing a great Prom for the upcoming seniors after hearing about how great their Prom was this year.”

The sophomore class is satisfied with how the elections turned out. Many have faith that Lally, along with the other officers, will throw a great Prom next year.

“I think that the officers are going to do a really great job,” sophomore Hannah Jefferson said, “The officers were really into their campaigns and it makes the rest of the class feel good that they are very committed to their jobs.”

Lally and Karas, along with the other officers, are excited to get to work. The officers say that they want to make the upcoming seniors proud and put on a phenomenal Prom in 2015.