Journalism 1 students edit their skills

Although the Journalism 1 students have been producing content and are improving the website as a whole, they still have a lot they can improve on, according to student media adviser Mark Schledorn.

“The biggest thing we need to work on is our interviewing skills,” Schledorn said. “It’s kind of scary talking to adults for the first time; most kids have adults as some of their sources so once they get comfortable with those sources, going back to those same people time to time again, I think they will get better quotes.”

Ever since the Journalism 1 students have started writing for the online Roar, the website is now once again a news source for the school.

“Writing for the Roar online is going to get all of the formulas down that they’re going to use for the yearbook and the news magazine,” Schledorn said. “Its like playing a sport; you have to know the fundamental skills before you go out and actually play a game and so this would kind of be the junior varsity for those sports.”

These skills that the Journalism 1 students will be useful in the future if they are planning on pursuing any other journalism work.

“Due to scheduling issues, I was put straight into Journalism 2,”sophomore Danielle Ferretti said. “So I never had the chance to learn about journalism in depth. I am catching on fast, but sometimes wish I had the background knowledge that some of the others have.”

By Kelly Batache