Hurricane Ian forces school cancelations for Wednesday, Thursday


As Hurricane Ian inches toward Florida, Brevard Public Schools announced all facilities are closed from Wednesday morning to Thursday night, a decision about Friday has yet to be determined. All school events, activities, or programs on those days are canceled as well. Brevard Country is under a flood warning and tropical storm watch, and an estimated amount of 4-6 inches of rain and 30-40 mph of winds is to be expected through Wednesday and Friday night.

“I am not evacuating for this hurricane,” sophomore Noah Techoueyres said. “In the past, I did evacuate for hurricanes but since this one is not a direct hit I do not see the point in leaving my house. I am happy that I will get days off from both my West Shore classes and Eastern Florida classes.”

Dual-enrollment students in Eastern Florida and Florida Tech classes have been notified classes on those campuses have been canceled for the remainder of the week. Colleges across Florida such as USF and FSU Florida have also canceled classes so the students can retreat to safety. Gov. Ron DeSantis held a conference meeting Tuesday morning at the State Emergency Operations Center urging Florida citizens to prepare for the possible devastations across the state.

This is the updated Hurricane Ian report as of 9 a.m., Sept. 27.