Horst’s move to guidance postponed until fall

Chemistry teacher Carolyn Horst will be replacing guidance counselor Jennifer Ghiz, who recently left in the guidance department, but not until the beginning of the next school year due to difficulty finding a chemistry teacher to replace her. 

“Initially, I think there were some challenges in terms of when to make the transition over,” Horst said. “And just due to some unforeseen circumstances, we actually weren’t able to find a highly qualified and experienced chemistry teacher to take my position right now. So for the time being, we have decided to postpone my transition into the guidance department so that we won’t have a negative impact on the students this year.  We don’t want to leave them high and dry without a chemistry teacher.”

Horst has been teaching Advanced Placement, regular and honors chemistry at West Shore for almost five years.

“I started [working on] a degree in school counseling about a year and a half ago because I was interested in learning more about the psychological aspect of working with students and how to help them more on a social and emotional level instead of just academically,” Horst said.

Her love of helping students will now extend beyond the classroom.

“I am actually finishing up my degree at the end of the month, and so the time just kind of worked out with Mrs. Ghiz leaving and going into a new position,” Horst said. “There was an opening available here and that was offered to me by [Principal Rick] Fleming.”

Horst’s chemistry students will now get to finish out this school year with her at the helm.

“I think she’s a great teacher who teaches us in her own way that makes it easier to understand and apply chemistry concepts,” sophomore Sasha Karlsson said. “It’s sad that she’s not going to be a chemistry teacher anymore since she’s so good at it but I’m happy for her that she’s getting the opportunity to be a guidance counselor.”

By Olivia Blackwell