Harry Potter Club hosts bingo game


Jadyn Milo

Senior Riley Harper plays Harry Potter themed bingo at the Harry Potter club meeting on Tuesday April 5, 2022 in Mrs. Tamara Reis’s classroom. Harper won a round of bingo and received a box of jelly beans as a prize.

Jadyn Milo, Staff Writer

Seniors Riley Harper and Annelise Williams both went to the Harry Potter club meeting, unaware that they’d be playing bingo last Tuesday in language arts teacher Tamara Reis’ classroom.

Club president sophomore Dana Zschau made the Harry Potter-theme bingo cards by printing decals of the bingo board on multiple sheets of paper. She also purchased plastic Easter eggs, to hold jelly beans that were used as markers on the board.

“I absolutely loved the bingo game we all played,” Harper said. “It was so much fun watching everyone get bingos, especially Ms. Reis. She’d never won a bingo game before and when she won, she yelled in joy. It was super-fun.”

Although Williams isn’t a club member, she shared similar regard to Harper.

“Just how everyone interacted and how everyone had so much fun just playing a simple bingo made even someone like me with the bare minimum of Harry Potter knowledge, feel like a part of the club,” Williams said.

Club members who won bingo had a choice of two prizes. One was a pair of Harry Potter glasses, with the signature lightning bolt scar, Harry Potter got as a child, on the top of the right lens. The other prize was a box of jelly beans called Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. Bertie Botts’ Every Flavor Beans are a brand of candy in the Harry Potter series.

Harper was one of seven club members who won bingo.

“Winning bingo is so much fun,” Harper said. “ I stood up and yelled in happiness. I got a Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans box for my prize, and it was great because my friends and I all randomly chose one and hoped it was a good flavor. I got a sausage-flavored one and my friend ate a booger one. It was pretty gross but super fun.”

Zschau also brought homemade vanilla cupcakes that were filled with marshmallow fluff and topped with icing and pastel sprinkles.

“The food provided was actually really nice of the club’s president,” Williams said. She spent the time making cupcakes by scratch for the club. It was really nice of her and everyone appreciated it.”

Zschau has been known to be dedicated to her club as she spends her personal time and money to create these activities. Her efforts though have not gone unnoticed.

“[Zschau] is really the best club president we could ask for,” Harper said. “She dedicates so much time, money, and energy to the Harry Potter club, which we really appreciate. The treats she brings in are so delicious, and the activities we do are so much fun. She is always so kind, fun, and amazing to talk to. “

By Jadyn Milo