Gov. Scott takes his message to Twitter followers

On Jan. 20, Gov. Rick Scott held a Town Hall discussion through Twitter. Questions ranged from Scott’s intentions as the governor of Florida to his liking of Tallahassee.

“I think that was a dumb way to get a meeting together. He could have been more professional about it…frankly, I find it a bit upsetting,” sophomore Courtney Spore said.

Scott answered questioned for 30 consecutive minutes, becoming the first U.S. governor to host a town hall over the networking site.

“I think that the governor is using his resources well and connecting to people through a world of technology,” sophomore Samantha Wells said.

Those interested in following the governor’s tweets can do so at @FLGovScott. He currently is following 5,688, has 6, 969 followers, and has made 571 Tweets.

By Noël Schutz