Garrido’s Senior Project targets breast cancer

Senior Jennifer Garrido will play host to the “Dance For A Cure” showcase to raise money for breast cancer research. The event will be held  Saturday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the school gym.

“Coach [April Shaw] asked me if I would take it on, like as a challenge, and I agreed to do it for my Senior Project,” Garrido said.

Shaw said she wanted to make sure the annual event would continue despite losing its creator.

“At the end of last year, the person who started Dance For A Cure told me she was moving and wouldn’t be able to hold the event any longer,” Shaw said, via email. “After talking to several people in the dance community about how important the event has been, I decided to ask Jennifer.”

Stephanie Shaw, junior and varsity dance team member, said Garrido was a good candidate for planning the showcase.

“Jennifer is so organized [and] makes sure everything’s perfect,” Shaw said. “She’ll do anything it takes to make the event the best it can be. This will be like nothing ever seen before.”

According to Garrido, the $10 advance tickets have sold quickly.

“We’re at full capacity. The gym’s max occupancy is like 480 people, and we’re right on the dot,” she said. “I don’t even know if we’ll be able to sell tickets at the door because there’s been such great sales.”

Stephanie Shaw says she’s excited to see the gym full of rival teams.

“It’s fun to see what [other teams] are doing,” she said. “We’re friends there, but as soon as it’s over, we’re competing again.”

Garrido estimates the event has raised $2,800 in ticket sales, not including T-shirt sales, for breast cancer research.

“I am so excited to organize something I love so much that raises money for such a moving cause,” she said.

Garrido stresses the importance of breast cancer research.

“As I was researching, I found that if we find a breakthrough for breast cancer, it’s the key to cure all cancers,” she said.

Coach Shaw also notes the importance of research because it has affected so many women.

“The first year the announcer asked everyone that had been touched by breast cancer to stand up. The number of women that I personally new standing up made a huge impact on me,” she said. “One of them was the mother of a dance-team member. Others were members of the dance community or relatives that I have known for years. From that point on, this fundraiser has been extremely important to me.”

Garrido says many people offered to help her with the showcase.

“My friends have been super supportive and offered to help clean and take pictures for my senior project portfolio,” Garrido said. “All of the dance team moms are helping too.”

Garrido lists Coach Shaw as a large help with her project.

“[Coach] got hot pink pompoms for the team to dance with, and she’s doing all the music this weekend,” Garrido said. “This showcase shows me that change is possible.”

By Andrew Lim