Fund-raising continues for Senior Class

With nearly $10,200 in the bank, the Senior Class has exceeded expectations for the first quarter, giving it leverage for the rest of the year, needing an estimate of only $5,000 to fulfill their expense requirements.

Various fund-raising events — including painting senior parking spots and class shirt sales — have been held, and according to class sponsor Timothy O’Flaherty, more are to come with the aim of decreasing the amount that each senior will have to pay for various activities.

“We’re looking pretty solid as far as money is going,” O’Flaherty said. “We’re going to continue fund-raise as long as we can. The more fund-raising we can do, the less it will cost everyone collectively to walk across the stage [graduation] night.”

Graduation is just one of the many events that they are responsible for, as others include Grad Bash, Senior Breakfast and Senior Picnic. According to O’Flaherty, the total price for all of these is relatively flexible.

“There’s variability, depending on how hard we budget,” O’Flaherty said. [For instance] Graduation Picnic can all be done through parent volunteers, making that cost come straight off the bill.”

The goal is to collect all necessary funds by the end of the quarter, because entering the second semester, the officers will be preoccupied elsewhere.

“We aren’t anywhere near our fund-raising timetable,” O’Flaherty said. “But when the Graduation Committee forms up in the last week of January, we’re going to have to throttle back on fund-raising to let them work.”

The next fund-raiser should be announced in the upcoming weeks, according to class President Minaal Murshid.

“We’re currently working on an event revolved around cookie dough,” Murshid said. “We have yet to finalize everything, but stay tuned, as it will be soon.”

By Julien Wakim