Freshmen occupies principal position


Rhyann Martin

Principal Rick Fleming, freshman Rachel Benezra and Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer serve as administrators Friday.

While the rest of ninth grade was in class Friday, freshmen Rachel Benezra was writing referrals, dress coding students and sitting in Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer’s chair. Being Principal of the Day allows a student gets to shadow an administrator and have her responsibilities. Benezra secured the position after her mother bid on the opportunity during a Ladies Night Out school fund-raiser.

Being Principal of the Day enabled Benezra to reprimand some of her peers.

“I dressed-coded Jesse for no other reason except I wanted to,” she said.” Jesse [Bratman] and Tori [Geach] knew me dress-coding them was not real because I have no actual power. It was purely just a  joke.”

Benezra dress-coded Geach during lunch.

“Rachel came up to me and handed me the white slip saying that my straps were not three-finger width, and I couldn’t help but laugh,” she said.” Of course, I knew it was a joke but I have always been scared that an administrator might dress code me, so I was glad it was Rachel.”

Benezra also got to use equipment, including the golf cart that is reserved for administrators and staff.

“I pulled my friends from class to go on golf cart rides and could take it out whenever I liked,” she said.” I took my friend Marissa Stazzone out of class, and we did laps around the track and watched Wildcat Challenge.

Being Principal of the Day even allowed Benezra to experience Wildcat Challenge, which is reserved only for junior and seniors.

“While I was watching the wheel barrel race, I got to judge the line and for tug of war which was a lot of pressure,” she said. ”I also got to cheer on my older brother in one of his challenges where he ended up getting last, but at least he played well. I feel so fortunate that the day I was principal there was Wildcat Challenge because underclassmen don’t typically get to watch it,” she said. “Now my homeroom has an advantage because I know what to expect.”

By Rhyann Martin