French students thrive at Congrès

The French Congrès team won first place in the state in class 3A held recently in Orlando. The competition involved activities where the students had to use their understanding of French culture and language to perform exceptionally. The competition included activities such as plays and a brain-bowl.

Brain-bowl captain Jet Morgan placed second in the state with teammates Megan Mateosky and Eric DiGioia. In addition, Kyle Johnson, Bailey Hetzel, Ben Nielson, Katia Mangual and Chase Bost earned a perfect score of 10 for their play, the only one which received the “prix du jury” or Judges’ Award of Distinction, in the state. Another prix du jury was awarded to Chase Bost who also received a superior and perfect score of 10.

Eric DiGioia won the Alliance Française scholarship and received a superior in Level 5 French speaking, even though he’s a level 4 student.

An overall 18 superior, 10 excellent, and five bon ribbons were received, along with the Alliance Française scholarship, first place in the state overall and second place in brain-bowl.

“I’m so proud of them,” French teacher Jennifer Walker said. “This is like the best they’ve ever done.”

By Billy Macom