Free lunches prompt students to sample cafeteria

Since the commence of the new school year, the cafeteria has had a new look added to it, as well as additional lines where students can purchase food items. With this, the cafeteria team hopes for more students to purchase food from lines and in turn increase its profit. 

“[I’m] not a big fan of it. I’ve had some bad experiences with school lunch, especially the chicken sandwiches so I just prefer to bring my own lunch so I actually enjoy what I’m eating,” junior Stephanie Gaulin said.

Because of a month of free lunches offered due to Hurricane Irma, students had a chance to try out the menu without actually having to spend money on it.

“When I tried the lunch when it was free, I liked the pizza and the chicken sandwiches, but sometimes they don’t have enough so it runs out quickly,” freshman Mohammad Abdullah said.

According to cafeteria manager Alyce Higginbotham, not all students have tried the school lunches, and so they have opinions based on what they have heard. 

“I just want them to try it out you know, and if they don’t like it, give us more feedback because our main goal is to make the customer happy,” she said. 

Higginbotham also expressed that most students were aware about the free lunches, but still were hesitant to try it out because they think it’s easier to just provide their own from home.

“I didn’t try the free lunch while it was free because I feel safer eating my own food, and also there wasn’t a lot of options for me because I’m vegetarian,” sophomore Lasya Damaraju said.

By Anyah Clarke