Flooding affects school and students

Michael Lucente, Staff writer

The recent rain and thunderstorms that occurred Sunday, Oct. 1 caused major flooding all over Brevard County. There was a flood warning issued for all of Brevard and many cities were affected. The impact from the flooding has even been seen all over the school’s campus.  

Portable six in particular had blue tape across the railing to tell students that the portable cannot be used.  

“Portable six had a bit of flooding in the front and there were concerns about students that didn’t want to walk through the flooding,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said. “They would have wet shoes all day, so we moved the class to the media center.” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said.  

Off campus, students have been affected by this flooding too. Junior Phoebe Theophelis was affected by this flooding in her neighborhood.

“The main road outside of our house was flooded and the other neighborhood roads nearby were flooded so high it went past our knees,” Theophelis said. “The drains were clogged in some areas which made the water go up to the doors and into some garages, thankfully the flooding did not affect our house but the city sent a notice to conserve water because the water couldn’t drain.”