EFSC construction vexes dual-enrolled students

Due to ongoing construction of a new student union on Eastern Florida State College, dual-enrollment and early admission students find it difficult to effectively navigate the Melbourne campus.

“The construction blocks my walk to class sometimes so I have to rush back and forth,” junior Rebecca Hallanan said. “I prefer parking at West Shore since the parking is assigned.”

Construction on the student union building began during the 2017 Spring Term and was scheduled to be finished by October,  but it is now November and the work continues. The construction takes place mainly in the parking lot, blocking entrances to the buildings. In addition, construction vehicles take up road space while students pull in and out of the parking lot. In order for students to get to classes, students sometimes encounter detours, but that isn’t the only impediment, according to senior Shawn Humphrey. 

“The construction doesn’t really affect me much beyond distracting me a bit when I am in class with the loud noises,” he said.

The completion date has been rescheduled for spring term 2019.

According to the school’s website, the student union will serve as the front door to the campus and include space for a variety of student services, government, clubs and activities. It will also have a food court and large multipurpose room that can host student, college and community events.

In addition, construction of college’s first student housing complex also is underway on the south end of the campus, and while that work impacts student parking, it has little impact on classes.

By Abriana Camilo