Juniors ponder early admissions option

Ally Bauler, Staff Writer

With the next school year just around the corner, juniors are showing a peaked interest in early admissions, an option where they can take all of their  classes at Eastern Florida State College — currently known as Brevard Community College — beginning in the fall term of their senior year. The college name change is scheduled to take effect July 1 when it will begin offering four-year degrees.

“Early Admission offers students the opportunity to experience the college setting with West Shore’s support network to assist them if they encounter any obstacles,” guidance counselor Dr. Spero said. “It also provides a year of tuition-free college, and allows students to jump start their college careers.”

Students must complete the college admissions process prior to applying for acceptance into the early admission program and meet all eligibility criteria.

“I’ll still be able to take part in high-school activities,” junior Abby Kawa said. “It seems like a really good idea, and I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity.”

The college delivers Early Admission Application Packets to each Brevard County high school prior to the Spring Break holiday. Those packets, which are now available in the guidance office, contain the required application paperwork and a letter of instruction.

“I really like the idea of getting some pre-requisites done and saving a pretty substantial amount of money on college,” junior Scarlett Callahan said.

Though this option is open for nearly all students, a small portion of the population chooses to participate. Guidance reports that 14 seniors currently are enrolled in the program and expects roughly 15 to 20 students to participate next year.

Because the college does not hold class on Fridays, the lure of a free day entices some prospective students.

“I’m looking forward to having extra time,” Callahan said. “I can work on Senior Project, homework, or just have time for myself.”

— Paula Kostro contributed to this report