Dual-enrollment students eye next semester

Dual-enrollment students are getting their schedules finalized for the upcoming spring semester. Students who are dual-enrolled at Eastern Florida State College or who  plan to dual-enroll for the spring semester need to contact their guidance counselor to begin the registration process.

Dr. Spero Tshontikidis, guidance counselor, says what will happen if you don’t talk to your guidance counselor before Dec 1.

“If the students don’t come to see their guidance counselor before Dec. 1, which is the drop-dead date for dual enrollment, we will be forced to set up a seven-period schedule for the student at West Shore,” guidance counselor Spero Tshontikidis said.

Sharon Duchaine, the media center clerk, said it’s important for dual-enrollment to get their books and schedules brought to the media center early.

“We look to see if book that the student needs for their class is at the media center,” Duchaine said.”If we don’t have the book the student needs, we will get an order form which the student will bring to the EFSE book store to get their book.”

Duchaine said students missing the Dec. 15 deadline can expect to be inconvenienced.

“If the books aren’t turned in before we leave for the holidays, we would have to come back really early to be able to pull the books or to find out if we have to correct books,” she said. “If the student doesn’t turn in their books, we will continually look for the student, call them down if they aren’t turned in, then we send them to administration to let them deal with them.”

By Stone Kershaw