Dual-enrollment meeting set for Wednesday


Taken by Abriana Camilo

A mandatory meeting has been scheduled all students considering dual-enrollment, early admissions or summer classes at Eastern Florida State College. The meeting will be held Wednesday in the auditorium during Power Hour A.

Potential dual-enrollment students will be meeting with Guidance Counselor Kim Strauch and an Eastern Florida representative for an informational assembly that will address recent procedural changes.

“Positive aspects of dual enrollment is the potential to earn college credit during high school,” Strauch said. “If you take the maximum amount of courses during high school you could get your [associate of arts] degree while getting your high-school diploma.”

Junior Julia Travis said she plans to attend the meeting.

“I saw a paper on the bulletin board outside of the guidance office and I investigated,” Travis said. “I asked my guidance counselor about it, and she told me what to do and go to the meeting.”

Sophomore Bianca Grande wants dual enrollment to help her on her way to attending a Florida university.

“Some in state colleges accept dual-enrollment and AP courses as well, but dual-enrollment has its difficulties getting accepted at out-of-state colleges”, Grande said. “I plan on staying in Florida anyways because I’m going into engineering and that is needed in Florida.”

Strauch mentioned one drawbacks of dual-enrollment is the difference in rigor students at Eastern Florida experience versus that found in the Advanced Placement curriculum.

“Admissions officers from various universities have conveyed that Advanced Placement course work is going to be seen slightly better than dual enrollment for universities,” Strauch said.

By Abriana Camilo