DSP to host fall sports photoshoot Friday

Sanjay Ramchandani, Staff Writer

For the first time, all fall sports teams will have a “photo shoot day” photographed by Dean Stewart Photography. This is a change from the way the photos have been taken in the past, which would usually just before specified home games. Athletic Director Tony Riopelle advocated for the change because of the inconvenience of photographing the teams on a game days. Sessions for all teams are on Friday, with swimmers being at Fee Ave. and all others in the gym.

“Every year, when we would send DSP photographers to take team photos coaches will tell them ‘not right now’ because they’re focused on the game. We only get one assignment for them to cover, and then we lose that ability,” yearbook adviser Mark Schledorn said. “Or the photographer would show up, and one of the athletes would have taken that day off. Then, that athlete would contact me and say we need to retake that photo again. On the second photo, a different athlete would be missing. Either way we would have an incomplete team photo.”

The dedicated team photo day has caused complications for at least one athlete.  Cross-country runner and swimmer Christian Camps will have a busy afternoon Friday.

“Even though it’ll be a challenge for me to make it in time for both,” Camps said. “I’ll still try. Hopefully the pictures turn out good.”