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District policy permanently ends Wildcat Cafe

Amy Franco

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Wildcat Cafe has been permanently shut down due to a violation of a Brevard School policy that was conflicting with the operation of the cafe.

“The district requested for the program to be shut down. The policy restricts food being served in those vicinities with those hours of operation,” Director of Food Services Kevin Thornton said.

Cafeteria Manager Lalanya Wilson said that on days when Wildcat Cafe was running, the cafeteria took in $100 to $150 less money.

Principal Rick Fleming, who considered Wildcat Cafe a tradition, voiced his displeasure  about the cafe shutting down.

“Cafe means so much to the Wildcats,” he said. “All the students enjoy sitting in the library and reading while eating their muffins and drinking hot chocolate. They can’t do it anymore, and it’s a bummer.”

According to Thornton, because some students are on reduced lunch, food can’t be sold on a school campus  because it competes with the cafeteria.

“The financial impact from the cafe is too great and in violation of county law,” he said.

Thornton said the Wildcat Cafe will never allowed back on campus.

By Riegel Spogen


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The School Newspaper of West Shore Junior/Senior High School
District policy permanently ends Wildcat Cafe