Discounted Homecoming tickets on sale now

Felicia Solazzo, Staff Writer

Student Government members will be selling discounted tickets to the Oct. 1 Homecoming dance for $25 through Friday in the cafeteria during lunch.

“The discount ticket sale saves the students and their parents money,” SGA President Bianca Taraschi said. “This will be a one-time deal.”

With ticket sales, SGA is able to collect revenue in advance of the event in order to pay vendors. Money from ticket sales this week will go towards decorations for the Melbourne Auditorium.

“It’s good that Student Government can potentially make Homecoming more affordable for students,” SGA sponsor Bob Sarver said. “And pre-selling tickets allows SGA to raise money needed to pay expenses for the dance.”

In two more weeks, the tickets will be sold for the regular price of $30 and guest tickets will also be available for purchase.

“SGA is trying to make Homecoming a better dance for the students this year,” Sarver added, “and selling discounted tickets is a great way.”