Design students test for certification

Graphic design students currently are preparing and testing out for their Adobe certification. On Monday and Tuesday, students prepared for the test by creating accounts and double-checking the computers in the lab. Wednesday marks the first official testing date, as students will stay after school for about 45 minutes to take the exam.

Teacher Jim Finch has even dedicated an entire week for students to watch tutorial videos to help refine and refresh their skills in the program.

“I’m excited for it,” junior Joe Luisi said. “I think being Adobe certified could really open up opportunities for my art and life.”

Finch has emphasized the difficulty of the test, and the main reason being because students can’t use shortcuts they’ve learned. They have to maneuver through the program using more time-consuming and unfamiliar ways.

For those who do pass, the certification can prove to be handy when applying for colleges and jobs, as the Adobe certification process is one recognized by many universities and corporations. Finch often tells the students about his past students who have earned well-paying jobs straight from college and that certification is key.

By Sanjay Ramchandani